Making Space – An Advent Devotional


Wise Men Still Seek Jesus

It wasn’t till a few years ago that I discovered there may have been more than three wise men in the Christmas narrative. Whhaa? And they weren’t necessarily kings?! And they didn’t get to Bethlehem in a day or two to see baby Jesus?! In fact, quite possibly it may have taken months! *Audible gasp! 

This was as surprising as the “apple” that Adam and Eve ate – which turned out not to be an apple at all. It was just a nameless fruit that morphed into an apple at Sunday School. Like the “three” kings who followed the star, that too was a little bit of an assumption.

But, that’s not the point. If I focus on numbers, the syntax, the classification of fruit and vegetables, I miss out on the fact that the wise men saw the star. The star was in the sky for many to see, and for many to follow. But in that dark sky, only a small group of them (three, four, I dunno) beheld the star and left everything behind to follow Jesus. 

This Christmas season, are we willing to look at the dark sky to see the Light? Are we willing to give up everything else, like the wise men did, and follow the Light?


Heavenly Father, I thank you that even in the darkest of nights, You sent Jesus to be our Light. It’s so easy to focus on the dark. It’s easy to give in to discouragement and let disappointment feed our souls. Help me open my eyes to see the Light, and give me the heart to follow hard after You. Amen.