5 Misconceptions About Sharing The Gospel


Misconception #3: The only way to get someone saved is to invite them to church

Asking people to church is a great tool, but it is not the only way to witness. Here are two main reasons why we need to look past this misconception.

1. Some people may never attend church

I’ve heard pastors say “if you just keep asking, they will eventually say yes.” That may be mostly true, but sometimes you don’t have time to keep asking. People aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. If we’re listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we’ll know when we should invite someone to church and when we should share the gospel personally instead. If you don’t know where to start, ask God to present you with opportunities. This isn’t a task you have to tackle alone. God will give you the wisdom and courage you need to speak the truth in love.

2. Some people have grown callous toward truth after years of placid attendance

Yes, I’m talking about witnessing to someone who has already attended for a while—perhaps their whole life.

I had a friend in college who I believed to be a Christian. He attended church, he sang songs, he prayed out loud in small groups, and he talked like a Christian. It seemed obvious that he must be a believer, but as I began to know him on a more personal level, he informed me otherwise. In reality, he didn’t know what he believed and he viewed the gospel simply as a spiritual concept religious people talk about.

One day, something happened that changed his perspective. My friend was arrested for serious illegal activity, and he faced several major life consequences. He came to me and said he wanted to open up to me because he respected me and he needed some advice. He said that he felt as if his life were falling apart. I thought about the practical wisdom I could share, and then one single thing moved to the forefront. I said, “You need Jesus.”

I was able to talk openly with him about a time when I felt like my own life was falling apart and how the only person who could do anything about it was Jesus Christ.

It was the first time that I was able to get through. Instead of brushing it off like normal, he attentively listened. Some people don’t need another friend to ask them to church. Some people need a friend to simply speak the truth to them in love.