Immanuel | God Is With Us!



One of the most amazing things about God revealing Himself as Immanuel is that God desires relationship and friendship with us. God could have decided to keep his distance from us, but he did the opposite—He came to us. While Jesus was on the Earth he called his disciples friends. 

Read: 2 Corinthians 13:14 

God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden. Jesus walked with the disciples while on earth. Now, through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, we get to enjoy a close friendship with God. Just in case you forgot, we don't practice the rituals of a dead religion. We're living in a beautiful relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Don't settle for distance from God. Respond to his invitation—come close to God. 

Read: James 4:8

One of the beautiful things about fellowship with the Holy Spirit is that it's not only friendship—it's also partnership. God invites us to walk with him, but also to partner with him to fulfill his purpose on Earth. What a privilege to be invited into the plan of God for humanity. As we wrap up this devotional study on Immanuel, remember Jesus' final words to his disciples before he left: 

Read: Matthew 28:19-20



Jesus, thank you that you didn't just come then, but you are also with us now. Thank you for the undeserved invitation into friendship and partnership with you. Thank you for being with us! Amen