Immanuel | God Is With Us!

Day 4 of 8 • This day’s reading



During Jesus' time on earth He declared that one of the primary reasons He came to be with us is to proclaim freedom. 

Read: Luke 4:18 

What an incredible declaration and a wonderful promise, which is now the reality that we get to live in. Previously we found ourselves held captive and imprisoned by the devil. Sin, in essence, becomes a declaration of allegiance to the enemy's way instead of God's way. We were chained, but Jesus came to set us free! Now this is good news from an eternity perspective, that we get to be with God in Heaven, but it's also incredible news on Earth. We don't have to live in bondage to the lies of our past, or be held back by the addictions and negative habits of our family. We can live free. 

I think we often forget the reality of the spiritual bondage that we were in before Jesus. In Matthew 20:28, it says that Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many. I love that word ransom! It means to aggressively take something back. Jesus came to Earth and through the cross, aggressively purchased our freedom! He ransomed our lives so that we can be free! 

Read: John 8:36 



Thank you God for being with us, for coming to earth to rescue and ransom us from the enemy. We choose to walk in the freedom that you purchased, not in our own strength, but through grace and in the strength of your Holy Spirit. Amen