Power Prayers For Our Daughters

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Day 5 — Walking in Her Purpose


Last year our daughter was a senior in high school. The most popular question for seniors is, “Where are you going to college?” Now the question has shifted to, “What are your plans after college?” While she has a clear answer to that question (she would like to be a nurse), it still makes her feel stressed when people ask. 

We live in a world focused on goals and achievements, degrees and positions. And none of those things are bad. But what if there is something far more significant, far more important, for our daughters to pursue?

What if, instead of focusing on college options and career paths, we gave our fullest attention and best resources to praying for and helping our daughters find and live in the purpose God has for them? Not just in the future, but starting right now?

Praying for our daughters to experience salvation and to grow in faith should be the paramount prayer for us as moms. Interceding for them to be sensitive to the Lord’s direction and for them to be passionate about serving Him regardless of their career path and relationships ought to be a priority for us.

And we shouldn’t be praying these things just for them, but for ourselves as well. Let us be examples to our daughters of living confidently in the plan and purpose God has for us, paving the way for them to do the same.


Lord, we know how hard it can be to figure out what we’re supposed to be doing. As our children grow, the pressure to choose a college and plan a future can be overwhelming. Give us wisdom to guide them and to pray fervently for them to know and live in the purpose You have for them.

First, let us be bold in praying for their salvation! May we raise daughters to boldly and confidently express faith in You, knowing You are the Lord who defeated death and reigns forever (Romans 10:9). 

When they walk through seasons of sanctification, Lord, help us be wise to allow You to do the work necessary in their lives to give them the strength and endurance to follow You. May our daughters be filled with the desire to be transformed into Your image, even when it is hard (2 Corinthians 3:18).

May our daughters abide in You, walking closely with You even in times of suffering and sorrow (John 15:4). As they walk with You, give them courage to share the gospel with those they encounter (Mark 16:15).

Above all, Father, may our daughters know the plan and purpose You have for them is always for their good and for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Scripture Readings

Romans 10:9

2 Corinthians 3:18

John 15:1–8

Mark 16:15

Conversation Prompt

Read 2 Kings 5:1–14 together. Discuss how the servant girl was bold to share about God and the healing He could provide. Invite your daughter to think about ways she can share about God, and make a plan to help her do it.