Power Prayers For Our Daughters

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Day 1 — She Is Known, Loved, and Accepted


Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I attended a lot of schools. By the time I graduated from high school I had been a student in six different school districts. The trepidation I felt every first day in a new school led me to questions like, “Will they like me?” and “Will I fit in?” 

Our last move was when I was in eighth grade. Two weeks before Christmas break, I walked into Chamberlain Middle School wondering if I’d find any friends. By lunch, I was surrounded by three girls who have remained among my best friends since that day in 1984. Alycia, Hollie, and Kristie welcomed me into their circle, and I don’t have many high school memories that don’t involve them.

About a year ago, my husband took a position at a new church and I found myself asking those same questions, “Will they like me?” and “Will I fit it?” And, once again, I was quickly reminded the Lord had already made a special place for me among the women at the church.

Whether you are raising your children in your hometown or you have no hometown to speak of, the reality is, we all know what it’s like to wonder if we’ll be accepted by the people around us.

Our daughters need to hear us share our stories about trying new things and meeting new people. They need to know about the moments we felt left out and unaccepted, as well as the times we were welcomed in. 

But far more significantly, our girls need us to remind them they are known, loved, and accepted by their heavenly Father. And, beyond that, we must be faithful to pray for them to know these truths as well.

We know the days will come when friends turn away and life feels very lonely. But what a gift we give our children when we remind them they are always seen and loved by the God who made them in His own image.


Father, these babies of ours are our babies no matter how big they are. As they get older and their worlds get bigger, it seems like our fears for them also grow. Help us to be wise and full of grace as we speak truth over them and to them.

May our children know they are loved by You and precious in Your sight (Isaiah 43:4). When hard days come, may our children turn to You, knowing You are a place of refuge (Nahum 1:7). We know You have engraved each of our names on Your palms (Isaiah 49:16). May our children understand Your love and acceptance is permanent, based on Your character not their choices. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Scripture Readings

Isaiah 43:1–4

Nahum 1:7

Isaiah 49:16

Conversation Prompt

Read Isaiah 43:1–4 with your daughter. Use these verses as a starting point for discussing how much God loves her, how He protects and provides for her, and how precious she is to Him.