Be A Peacemaker

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How Do I Start a Conversation About God?

Great question. Are you ready to get really practical?

Let's start with this. How do you start any conversation? Take some time to ponder that. What helps you to excel in communicating with the people around you?

Once you’ve sorted that question out, there’s only one thing left that you need to do: that is, weave into your conversation stories of your own personal experience of your relationship with Jesus. What does your everyday life with Jesus look like and how do you experience God? There’s nothing more powerful than your first-hand knowledge!

One way to help you do this well, is to give yourself a challenge. It’s fun to do with a friend or even a group of friends, and you’ll need some practice, ok?

First, find an object, or choose a random word. Then take one minute to turn it into a conversation about God!

It might feel strange at first, but it can be loads of fun and it also gets your brain into quick thinking about how everything (and we mean everything) can be turned toward something about God. After all, He created everything, right!?

You could even try and go one step further by describing something of God’s character and how you have experienced it in your own life.

So without further ado, it’s time to put this practice into action. Know that God goes with you and will give you the words to say (Exodus 4:1–12), and have fun starting God conversations with the people around you. Don’t forget to smile 😃!

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