Victory Through Suffering - Prophetic Gallery Series

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The Jewish Redeemed  

Thoughts on the Passage

Again this section is about the woman – the one representing the godly people of the Jewish people. Here we see something very special about these people. There is a special completeness to their number – 12X12X1000. Again numbers are very important to the Jewish people and have special meaning. These three numbers all represent completeness. In addition as we saw in Revelation 7, they represent the tribes of Israel – the twelve tribes – and so it represents a fulness from the whole nation not just a few special ones from one or two tribes.

In addition, there are a several special things to note about these people. 

First, they are identified as standing with the Lamb – Jesus. They are people who follow and obeyed Jesus. 

Second, they stand on mount Zion – Jerusalem with Jesus. At this time, Jerusalem has been destroyed by the Romans and the Jewish people scattered. They will return with Jesus in triumph. 

Third, they are rejoicing around the throne of God – this is where all the saints are standing. They are special, but they are also part of the redeemed of God. There are not two people of God – there is one, even as this group is singled out for special recognition.  

Fourth, they are considered undefiled. When the Bible talks about this it is usually about spiritual purity – where they have not been contaminated by worshipping other gods. These people represent the nation of Israel – those that followed God wholly, and who turned to Jesus because they saw Him as their promised Messiah. 

Fifth, they are the first fruits. They are the first nation that followed Jesus. There are many others, but the people of God were first. They are honored as a special group of people as a result.

After, the challenges describing the antichrist and his attack on God’s people, this is a special picture for the Jewish people. They know about this man because the book of Daniel describes him and the attacks that he will do against the Jewish people. After his description, we see God’s promise to the Jewish people who follow Jesus – victory for God’s people. God gave His people a special promise, this man will never have victory over them. They have maintained their faith in Jesus despite great suffering, attacks and discrimination – and God will release great victory to them.


Father, if this is the blessing of the firstfruits, then what is the total blessing on all of Your children? We see You faithful to keep Your promises to Your people Israel and we hold tight to Your promises that You have for us. Your word is full of promises for Your children. Every one of Your promises will be kept. Not one of them will fail. So today, as I read and celebrate Your faithfulness to Your people, I also rejoice and hold tight to every promise that You gave to me. They are many, they are wonderful, and they are mine. In Jesus Name, Amen.