I Still Believe

I Still Believe

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Title: The Lies We Believe

“I remember just curling up in a fetal position against the wall. And her just kicking me and kicking me and screaming, ‘You don’t tell anybody what goes on in this family,’ …I had to wear long sleeve shirts…because Mom didn’t want anybody to see the bruises.”  - Russ

Devotional Content:

Janis was 37 when I first met her. This was her first counseling experience and she was very uncomfortable. I think for most people, coming to counseling produces a variety of emotions. They want help. They want life to be better and they choose to come. Yet, the question of how they will get from hurting and broken to better and healthy is a big unknown.  

As Janis began to share her story, tears streamed down her cheeks. She grew up in an abusive home. Her dad was an alcoholic. When he was drinking he became angry, lashing out verbally and physically. He told Janis that if she was not such a brat he would not have to drink. In one way or another, she was blamed for all the wrong things in his life and in their family. At 8 years old, Janis believed every word that her dad said to her. His words defined who she was and she wore those labels every day. The power of a parent’s words can last a lifetime. 

Years later Janis became a follower of Jesus. She had a husband that cherished her and a new baby girl she adored. She was determined to break the cycle from her childhood and firmly believed that God would help her do that. She just could not keep her dad’s voice from playing over and over in her head. 

As part of her healing, I asked her to go to the class in her church where 8-year-old girls were taught on Sunday. I said, “Look at those young girls and ask yourself if there is any way that any of them could be the cause of the downfall of a parent or a family.” When she came for counseling the next week, there were tears again but these were different. They were tears of healing. God used those 8-year-old little girls to break the power of the lies her father told her about herself so many years ago.

No one defines any of us but God. He created each one of us and knows us intimately. No matter what others say or our life experiences tell us, God sees you as His loved and cherished child. Don’t believe the lies. Nothing you can do or say will make Him love you any less.  

Today’s Challenge: 

Spend time in prayer asking God to reveal anything you believe about yourself that is not from Him.

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