I Will Fight

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Generous people are: DECISIVE  

Have you ever been with someone who was indecisive? They just couldn’t decide what food to order, which person to date, or where they wanted to go out that weekend? Contrary to popular belief, indecisiveness is not a spiritual gift.  

When Isaiah says, “generous people plan to do what is generous.” This verse made me realize… 

Generosity is NOT an amount. 

Generosity is NOT an attitude.  


When I first got married, my wife and I would always have a discussion when the bill came at a restaurant about how much we should tip the waiter.  The conversation was typically contingent on how much we felt satisfied.  "How was the food...? How was the service...? Did they refill my water quickly enough...?” Then one day we said, let’s stop having a discussion and just make a decision. We decided, let’s tip 20% every single time, no matter what. If it's good, we’ll give more. This saved us so much time and discussion.   

We did this because we made a decision to be generous!   

The food can be horrible - we’re giving 20%. 

The service can be the slowest ever - we’re giving 20%. 

The waiter can spit in my meal - we’re giving 20% (a bit much I know).  

Why? Because I'm not going to let what someone else does or doesn’t do determine the type of person I’m called to be!  

I’ve made a decision to be a generous person.  

*It’s not about tipping, tithing or a percentage, it’s about this idea that “generous people plan to do what is generous."  

What I love about our church is we’ve made the decision to be a generous church! We give to those in need, we serve the homeless, we look after children, and we partner with organizations who serve others. We’ve made a decision to be generous.   

What if you became a little more decisive in your generosity?  

Whether I have a lot or a little - I have decided to give.   

Whether I completely understand or not - I have decided to give.   

Whether I’m new to faith or have been around a while - I have decided to give.   

Regardless of our season or circumstances, “generous people plan to do what is generous.”   

What decisions do you need to make regarding your finances and future?  

Have you made a plan for your generosity? 

Let’s be decisive and generous people. 


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I Will Fight

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