I Will Fight

DAY 3 OF 7


Generous people are: SACRIFICIAL 

Can you imagine God coming to you today and saying, “What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you?” If that happened to you, do you know what your answer would be? It’s important for us to know why God asked Solomon that question and not someone else.  

Earlier that day, Solomon was being inaugurated as King of Israel and it was tradition to sacrifice one bull. However, Solomon sacrificed 1,000 bulls! Solomon was willing to sacrifice way more than what other people previously had.  

It was shortly after this that God said to Solomon, “ask for whatever you want.” I’m convinced God only asks that question to extravagant givers. He wouldn't ask that question to a selfish person because he might not be able to trust them. 

I believe the more extravagant our GIFTS, the more extravagant our REQUESTS can be! As the Church and in our personal lives, the more extravagant we are in our generosity, the more extravagant we can be in what we request of God. 

Why ask for a building, when we can ask God for the entire block? 

Why ask for a career path, when we can ask for a calling from heaven?  

Why ask God to merely protect our children, when we can ask Him to raise them up to be once-in-a- generation leaders? 

I’ve noticed in my own life I often want God to do something new, but I’m not willing to do something new. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you’ve had a desire for God to do more for you, but then you realized God was asking more from you.  

I want to encourage you today to: 

Sacrifice a little more... 

Believe a little more...  

Ask a little more...  

…and watch God do a lot more.  

Would you consider the way that you give and serve others, extravagant? 

When was the last time you gave something that was hard to give?  

Let’s be a sacrificial and generous people.


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I Will Fight

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