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Why God Allows A CrisisSample

Why God Allows A Crisis

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You can know when God plans to show you something new about Himself. You can know when God wants you to draw closer to Him and know Him at a deeper level. You can know when God desires to manifest His glory in ways yet unseen by you. You can also know when He wants to become more real to you—at a level you’ve never had with Him before. 

How can you know all of these things? You know this when you are in a crisis.

See, a crisis is not just a crisis. It’s never just a crisis. A crisis is always more than a crisis. It is an opportunity to experience and know God to a degree and depth that you have never known before. 

Now, I realize you are reading and scrolling through these words at a location where I cannot physically see you. But if I were there with you I imagine I would have heard you sigh. Did you sigh? And, maybe, you would have turned to me and said, “Okay Tony, that’s nice—but I really don’t want to know God that well after all. I’m satisfied right where I am. I don’t want a crisis.” 

I understand. After all, who wants to go through a crisis? Yes, that was a rhetorical question because the answer is "no one". No one dreams of their next crisis. No one hopes for a crisis around the corner. No one longs for a crisis. Rather, the reverse of that holds true. Most of us look for a way out of a crisis even if we simply see one on the horizon. We run from crisis. And yet a crisis is a prime opportunity for all of us to experience and know God intimately, personally, and profoundly. 

When God wanted to reveal Himself at another level to someone in Scripture, it nearly always followed this consistent pattern of crisis. He either allowed, or created, a crisis. During these times, people would find themselves in situations which they themselves could not fix. They came upon scenarios and predicaments that they could not unravel on their own. They ran into circumstances they could not circumvent. They were in a crisis.

You know you are in a crisis when all of your options are gone. When everything you thought could work, doesn’t work. You can’t negotiate your way out of it. You can’t spend your way out of it. You can’t talk your way out of it. You can’t network your way out of it. When all that you have learned and all that you have tried is not enough to alleviate the situation you are caught in, you know you are in a God-ordained, or God-allowed crisis with a purpose.

How can you be more aware of what God is doing in the midst of your crisis? 

Want to learn more? As our gift to you, download this mp3 of a sermon designed to bring peace titled "Stop it! No more worry." Simply click here. 

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Why God Allows A Crisis

In times of crisis many people tend to wonder where God has gone. But the truth is He hasn't gone anywhere. God does some of His best work in the dark, when you don't think He is doing anything at all. In this short rea...


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