Can I Have Your Attention Please? - Prophetic Gallery Series


Witness #1 - the book  

Thoughts on the Passage

In Revelation 10 and 11, we have three witnesses described in this portion. They are 1) a book, 2) seven thunders and 3) two people as witnesses. Each of these are worth taking some time and talking about. 

If we remember God’s word, we are told that judgment would only be made when testimony was received by two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15 and 2 Corinthians 13:1). So before God will release His complete judgment, He must ensure that the people of this world have received adequate warning – it takes two or three witnesses.

The first witness is a book, and on this book are written difficult things – it makes John’s stomach bitter. John takes it, eats it (makes it part of his being), and then speaks to peoples and nations. The message is both sweet and bitter. That means that there is great news (God’s kingdom is coming) and there is difficult news (there is judgment for mankind who resist Kingdom transfer). This is similar to the message that Ezekiel was given by God for the people of God taken to Babylon. It was the message God gave to Ezekiel – fill your inner being with this message, make it who you are. Then speak it to the people. This was a similar message – some great news, but some difficult news as well.

John here represents the people of God. We have a message of kingdom transfer. It is great news – God will take control of this world and bring it under His authority. It is tough news from God’s people to this world. The world faces tough judgment if they refuse. This is the first witness of God to this world. It is a message written down. It is a message given to God’s people to give to our world. It is a message that we must be faithful to give to the world so that God can do Kingdom transfer.


Father, when we think about how our prayers open the door for kingdom transfer, we see that there are other responsibilities that You give to us – to tell our world the cost of rejecting kingdom transfer. That is a tough message to give. Our world does not like that message. We must give it anyway. Give me the strength to speak the words of Your book. Give me the boldness to speak not only Your love for mankind, but also Your warning for disobedience and rejection. May it fill my heart. May it become part of my message. When I struggle with obedience – strengthen me. I want to be Your faithful witness here. In Jesus Name, Amen.