Hollywood Prayer Network On Rest

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"Our rest lies in looking to the Lord, not to ourselves." Watchman Nee

PRAY:  Dear Lord, I don't want to live any moment of my life in vain. I don't want to strive for success and money or toil for food to eat. Would You help me to rest in You so that You can take care of me and I don't have to rise early and stay up late because of anxiety in trying to survive? Help me to put my trust in You so that I may find rest, for You promise me that while I'm sleeping You will provide for me. I thank You in Jesus name.

REFLECT:  Can you see how your faith in God actually makes a tangible difference in how you live your life? Do you live differently because you are a Christian? How much of your life do you still live in vain? How much striving do you do? Are you in survival mode, trying to make enough money to pay your rent or put food on your table? Can you truly believe that you can slow down and trust in God to supply your daily bread, to make that next deal at work, or to get your children through college? He promises us that while we are sleeping He provides for us because He loves us! Do you really believe that to the point of experiencing rest in the midst of financial struggles or tough times?  

ACT:  Choose one thing that gets you uptight. Then stop and sit quietly, resting in the presence of the Lord. You might even want to turn on worship music. Ask the Lord to take that burden from you and to allow you to rest in Him. It may take a while to truly relax but take the time to give rest to your body, mind and soul. This is a great daily exercise!