Hollywood Prayer Network On Rest

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OUR DAY OF REST IS HOLY                         

“A world without a Sabbath would be like a man without a smile, like summer without flowers, and like a homestead without a garden. It is the most joyous day of the week.” Henry Ward Beecher

PRAY:  Dear God, what a great reminder that even YOU rested! You created the entire world and everything in it and then You rested. Would You help me to remember that I was made in Your image and You want me to rest. And not only get rest, but rest in You, rest from the cares of the world and not strive to get things done or get ahead. How beautiful that You rested from all the work of creating and You called that day Holy. I praise You. Amen and Amen

REFLECT:   Have you ever thought that God needs to rest? He stopped what He was doing and just got quiet and rested. Then Jesus tells us quite a few times in the Gospels, that He rested, He went away from the crowds to be alone with God. He was sleeping soundly when the storm came up in the ship. Rest is an important exercise for God, so much so that He made the day of rest a Holy day. The Bible says, "Be still and know that I am God." It doesn't say "Be busy and know that I am God." How often do you set aside a day to rest and call that Holy?

ACT:  Study all of the passages in scripture that talk about GOD and JESUS resting or when God forces us to rest. Or even when Paul talks about the HOLY SPIRIT slowing him down on his travels. God forced him to rest when he would rather have gotten to the next town. Include Psalm 23 where it says "The Lord makes us lie down in green pastures." He is making us rest. Can you put rest into your schedule as a priority? What would it take to truly believe God's important commandment to REST? Don't wait until He forces you to lie down......