Relationship Advice For Men



“If you want to truly be a man, study the heart of a woman. It is the landscape we were meant to travel.” Roger Thompson, We Stood Upon Stars

Think about it. So much of the growth that happens in our lives takes place inside of, and because of, trusted relationships. This Bible Plan is all about the five key relationships that wield the kind of power to make a man.

You’re about to get in on a conversation between two friends: Jason and Roger.

Roger’s an author. Most recently he wrote We Stood Upon Stars, a travel and adventure book that’s helped a lot of guys navigate life. More than an author, he’s a God-seeker who loves his wife, cherishes time with his boys, and pours into his friendships.

I’m Roger’s friend, Jason, and for the next several days I’ll try to ask him some of the questions we all have as men.

Some of you are reading this plan as a group. If you are, we recommend you read two days a week for four weeks. Then, plan to get together weekly and use the questions and Scripture from the plan to start your conversations.

We hope your relationship to women, to your dad, to mentors, to kids (maybe your own kids), to friends, and ultimately your relationship to God will be stronger when you’re done.

This first conversation is all about your relationship to women.

Watch today’s video, and then consider the question below.

Consider: What are a few simple steps you could take to set yourself up for success as a better listener? How can you let patience and kindness drive the way you love?

Learn more about Roger.