The Power Of Prayer - The Prophetic Gallery Series


The Seven Trumpets - Kingdom Transfer  

Thoughts on the Passage

We are entering a new wing of the art gallery. This portion talks about how kingdom transfer will happen.

Right now, this world is under the power and authority of satan. We see it everywhere and in people everywhere – greed, violence, selfishness, self-promotion, rejection of God. It will not always be like this. Kingdom transfer will happen. The kingdom of God will take over – it is not if, it is when. 

To the churches that read this letter, this gives answers to their questions. They want to know if the problems they face have a solution. They want to know, this evil that they stand against every day, will it ever have a day of reckoning? How does God want us to respond?

In this wing of the art gallery – the seven trumpets – we see how God will do the kingdom transfer. The wonderful thing about this section is the part that we, the Church, have to play. It is a powerful portion. It is a key portion. God has given His Church a key role. We will talk about it tomorrow – it is prayer.


Father, I did not understand the power of prayer until I understood this section of Revelation. I ask for still greater insight into how to pray. The prayer that Jesus taught the disciples gives us a little picture of the power of our prayers. We are to pray for kingdom transfer. We are to pray for our world. We must understand so much about what You want – and how and when You want it. Today, I pray for kingdom transfer to start. May it take deep roots in my life. May the kingdom of this world have no roots growing in my life. May Your kingdom grow deep roots, strong roots, powerful roots in my life. As I go through this section of Revelation, teach me Your kingdom transfer principles. In Jesus Name. Amen.