A Broken Record


My Record 

We have looked at the things in life which can break us – trials, failures, afflictions, loss and doubt. In these final three devotions, we are going to take a look at our broken record – the record of our lives. If you have brokenness in your life through these or other circumstances, then listen to the words of Scripture. David says the Lord hears when the righteous cry out; He is near to the brokenhearted; He delivers the righteous who are afflicted; He redeems and He does not condemn. These are incredible words of comfort from the God of the universe to His children.   

David also asks the Lord to create in him a clean heart; renew a steadfast spirit; restore joy and uphold him. These are the works of Christ in us and the Holy Spirit in us. Listen again to God’s words through David. His cry is for a clean heart – God’s work through Christ in us. His cry is for a steadfast spirit – God’s work through the Holy Spirit in us. His cry is for the restoration of the joy of salvation – God’s work through Christ in us, and his cry is to be upheld - God’s work through the Holy Spirit in us. Do you cry out for these as David did? God has already provided His Son and His Spirit who dwell in us and work in us and with us and through us to heal not only our brokenness but the brokenness in the world. 

How should we then live in light of God at work in us? Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians that the power of God is in us and that we are not crushed, not in despair, not forsaken, and not destroyed because Christ is in us. He also tells us that God ALWAYS leads us in TRIUMPH. That we can live triumphantly and be the fragrance of the risen Christ to the world. Amazingly, Paul also tells us that we ARE the fragrance of Christ to God Himself! Christ is called the Redeemer because He can redeem anything - including my broken record. Selwyn Hughes says, “When you stumble, stumble forward and when you fall, fall on your knees secure in the knowledge that you can rise up stronger because God is at work in you.” Amen and Amen.

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