A Tool In God's Hands

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The call of God is to be an SVP and what that means is to be completely yielding to God. This was the lesson God sent Jeremiah to learn at the house of the Potter. God is the Potter, and we are the clay in His hands. If we do not yield to Him, He will not be able to fashion us into the tools that will be useful for His purpose. Just as a stiff clay is useless to the Potter, so also, we will be to God if we do not yield ourselves to Him.

Therefore, I urge you to yield yourself to God by:

•  Being intentional about setting out time to fellowship with God through His Word and Prayer

•  Committing what you learn in His Word to practise, even when it seems not to make sense to do so

•  Prepare your heart to hear from God in the way He chooses to speak to you

In conclusion, make up your mind to know God and obey Him.

Hope you enjoyed reading the devotional, it is based on my latest book – And they shall be called the Sons of God. Hope you will have a look. God bless you.