My Name Is Victorious

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


In just a few short verses in Luke 8, a desperate woman personally experienced Jesus and His incredible restoration work. 

We don’t know if her name was Rebekah, Sarah or Peggy Sue. We only know she is referred to as the bleeding woman. Twelve years of constant bleeding. Can you even imagine?! That’s 4,380 days. 105,120 hours. 6,307,200 minutes of hemorrhaging. Unimaginable.

Deemed unclean and damaged, she sought out doctor after doctor. We can only imagine the horror she had been through given the state of medicine 2000 years ago. She spent every dime she owned, had her hope shattered, and still was no closer to a cure.

But then ... Jesus. With a throng of people pressing in around Him, Jesus walked by. I wonder if she had to lay prostrate on the dirt road reaching between the sandaled feet to touch the fringe of His robe. Or did she push herself between tightly packed bodies frantically trying to stretch her arms enough so her fingertips would graze His hem?

By whatever means she grabbed hold of Jesus, in an instant she was healed. The power that leapt out of Jesus restored her damaged body and healed her brokenness. She was put back together in the most beautiful and extraordinary way!

Whatever your damage, no matter your brokenness, you can be made whole again.

Each one of us has been positioned right here, right now, to be the person God created to make a difference in the lives of those around us. If we are willing, God can use our imperfections and even our pain to bring more beauty into our own lives and to influence the lives of others.

This world is broken in so many ways, yet at the same time God is doing a fresh work! And He wants to do the same in you and me. He wants to take our failures, fears and hurts and use them to make a difference. 

Don’t let your painful past, dings, cracks and damage keep you out of the game. Press into Jesus and allow Him to heal you from the inside out. Then, you will be a force to reckon with on this side of heaven for His glory, because your name is Restored!