My Name Is Victorious

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


Ever had one of those crazy-busy days trying to finish odds and ends? We struggle to find something for our kids to wear amongst the Kool-Aid stained shirts in their closets. We pick up all of the superheroes who have been saving the world on the living room floor even though we know they will magically reappear in the next five minutes. We’ve got to rustle up something for dinner and realize we haven’t been to the grocery store this week. What scraps and bits of food can be thrown together to feed our families? 

Then we pop open social media. Big mistake. We see beautiful children in their spotless, freshly pressed, fashionable outfits. We notice homes that look like they popped out of magazines. And we behold Top Chef–worthy meals being set before kiddos who seem to happily eat their veggies. 

Instead of feeling joy and happiness for friends, we begin comparing and start to think we’re just not good enough. Our vision of life is reduced to thinking about the things we lack. How we don’t quite measure up. 

Comparison is the internal measuring tape we carry in our back pocket. We use it to measure our deficiencies against the best qualities we see in others, and we fall short. Or we pull it out to measure our successes against the weaknesses of someone else, and we fly high. 

If we allow it residence, comparison will occupy and fill space in our minds with thoughts that limit our potential and hold us back. 

Instead of looking at everything God has made each of us to be, we can get laser-focused on the achievements and talents of someone else. That can lead to us hating ourselves for everything we're not, doubt of our self- worth and believing the lie that we aren’t good enough. 

In the comparison game, there are no winners. Comparison kills contentment.

We aren’t responsible to make sure to measure up to the people around us. We're responsible to do the creative best we can with our own lives. To take the gifts, talents, strengths, and purpose we’ve been given and to do our best to use it for God’s glory.

So stop comparing your life to another’s, and start focusing your thoughts on Jesus. Your name is Confident.