Reading The Bible In Historical Sequence Part 3


1210 BC Tola dies, and under Jair’s judging, Israel worships foreign gods. God allows the Philistines and Ammonites to oppress rebellious Israel. After Jair dies in 1188 BC Israel repents and God responds by empowering Jephthah to lead Israel and defeat the raiding Ammonites. Then Ibzan of Bethlehem, Elon of Zebulun, and Abdon of Ephraim judge over a period of 24 years. Because Israel continues in evil, God allows the Philistines to oppress them for 40 years.

Note Judges 13:1: This 40-year period was possibly from c.1156 to c.1116 BC during which time the Hebrews were particularly hard-pressed by the Philistines. Samson, who lived west of Jerusalem close to the Philistine border, began to ease this oppression (Judges 13:5).