God Never Changes

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Don’t Get Discouraged

Not long ago I had a single friend say to me, “Everyone else seems to be getting married, and I’m not. I try not to be mad at them but it’s so unfair. I’ve been believing to get married much longer than they have.”

I felt compassion for her and her situation. Have you ever been praying for something, really desiring it with all your heart, believing that it will come to you and then someone else gets what you sought?

Of course, it stings. But does another person’s answer to prayer take anything away from you? Is there a limited supply of God’s blessings? The answer to both those questions is no. Someone else's prayer getting answered doesn’t rob you of anything. If you’re believing for a new car and your neighbor gets one just like the one you’ve prayed to get, that doesn’t mean you won’t get one too. That isn’t the only car available. 

In fact, you’re in the same line as the person who got his prayer answered. You have the same God, who loves to bless and increase you – and He never changes! Instead of letting the other person’s answer to prayer discourage you, rejoice with that person. Rejoicing keeps you in position to receive.

There is no need to be jealous of someone else. Your heavenly Father hasn’t taken His attention off you and switched it to the other person. If God’s answered someone else’s prayer it just means He’s still in the prayer-answering business, so He will answer you too.

The circumstances in your life may change, but God’s covenant with you will never change. You can read more about it in my book Why God Why.  God's love and care for you are constant. Let these truths from God’s Word build your confidence in His unchanging love and concern for you.