God Never Changes

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Big Prayers and Little Prayers Too

Another way that God never changes: He still answers prayer. You can pray for big things and small things; He answers both. He wants you to ask! He wants to fill you with joy through answered prayer.

It amazes me how God cares about the big things and the small things in life. One time He answered a simple prayer of mine in such a quick, remarkable way that I was reminded yet again about His unchanging willingness to answer prayer. 

I was living alone, and my front storm door had gotten jammed into the molding frame and it was stuck. I mean stuck. No amount of pushing, pulling, or kicking could get the door to open. My handyman was out of town for a while, so for weeks all guests had to enter the house through the garage, which wasn’t very handy.

One day I decided to try one more time to kick the door open. But first I prayed a simple prayer, “Father, please help me get this door open.” I laced up my tennis shoes and from the inside of the house, I kicked the doorframe as hard as I could. It came loose at the top, but wouldn’t budge on the bottom.

Next I went outside and tried pulling. Still stuck. Just when I was about to give up a woman about my age, out walking her dog, came up my driveway saying, “Don’t you hate it when doors get stuck?” She introduced herself as a neighbor who lived down the street and offered to help.

“How about if you go push from the inside, and I pull from the outside?” she said. After some heavy-duty kicking and maneuvering with a screwdriver, we got the door open! Amazingly, we didn’t break or even bend it.

I had to marvel at the way God answered my simple prayer. A stranger just walked by and offered to help. In the grand scheme of the universe, getting my front door unstuck wasn’t that big a deal. But it was important to me at that moment. 

Yes, God still answers prayer. Nothing is too big or too small for Him, even a stuck door. He hasn’t changed, and He has a million ways to get you the things you need.