Biblical Leadership Bootcamp

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The Heart of an Effective Leader

Who you are comes before what you do. Leadership is “being” before “doing.”

As Paul spoke to the Ephesians, he described the ingredients of an effective leader. Paul led from his soul. He made tough calls yet shed tears in front of his people. One thing is sure: Leadership begins with the heart

Paul had a heart that was:

1. Consistent — he lived steadily while moving among them (Acts 20:18).

2. Contrite — he acted humbly and willingly showed his weakness (Acts 20:19).

3. Courageous — he didn’t shrink from doing the right thing (Acts 20:20).

4. Convictional — he communicated his convictions boldly (Acts 20:21)

5. Committed — he left for Jerusalem, willing to die for Jesus (Acts 22, 23).

6. Captivated — he showed that a surrendered man doesn’t have to survive (Acts 20:24).

Journal Prompt: Does your leadership begin with you heart? If not, how will you begin to implement changes?

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