Living With A Fire Devotional - Jesus Culture


Move - Chris McClarney

When God moves, all of creation responds. All the earth and every person exists to bring glory to God. Why would we fear or worry about tomorrow? We belong to a loving Father, who knows every need and every desire. He turns darkness into light and at the sound of His voice, the storm calms. He is so aware of exactly where we are and everything we are facing in our life. 

Not only has He built inside of us what we need to live out all He has called us to do, but He also takes every opportunity to build even more inside of us and teach us. There is nothing that goes to waste with Jesus. He will use every piece of our story to reveal His glory and make us into the best versions of ourselves. He is faithful to every promise and every word He speaks. 

When discouragement tries to settle in, remind yourself of God’s promises and His faithfulness. Take a step outside and look around. Everything He created, working together in a delicate balance, from the honeybees buzzing from flower to flower to the clouds that are rolling through the sky. He is a very detail-oriented God! Nothing goes unnoticed or forgotten. Take a deep breath and let the peace that passes all understanding settle on your heart, trusting that God is moving on your behalf and there is no need to worry. 

Our prayer is that every heart would fully surrender to Jesus and we would trust Him to move in our lives and move in our nation. As we lift our worship to the One who is so worthy of all glory, God will inhabit our praise and bring revival. Our prayer is that fresh hope and life would be poured out and cover all the earth, every heart, and we would return to our First Love; the One who created us! 

Leave your concerns and worries behind today and let your heart rest in His promises. You are safe in the hands of your Creator and He is a good Father, who takes care of everything that belongs to Him!