Be Resolute

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Be Resolute

ACTION:  Resolve to make a life changing commitment

res·o·lute –determined, resolved, unswerving, unwavering, steadfast, unfaltering, persistent, tenacious, unrelenting, courageous.

I have been traveling the country seeing our leaders and the outstanding men who have been raised up within Influencers.  Each man has a story, and I’ve enjoyed hearing many of them. Most of these men came to a place in life where they were sick of the devastating choices they had made in their life, and they determined to live out their repentance by resolutely living a changed life inside out. I say “live it out” for this is a fundamental result and requirement of true repentance.  

We resolve to change our future life by taking every living force available to us by our King to help us live a changed life. There are a lot of tears of brokenness with these men, as they openly share their shameful past and the hope given to them with God’s forgiveness, and in many ways the restoration of critically damaged marriages and relationships. It is a beautiful and powerful demonstration of our God’s love and ability to change the most hopeless reprobates—like me. Yes, I had a past as well.  

Men like this influence the people around them for Christ to find answers for every need we have. One negative thing I have seen with some men is that they say the right things, and are open with their struggle. But, they remain in the struggle and never get out of it. They dip in and out of their challenges like a ship without a rudder, refusing to set a true course for transformation. Eventually these guys give up and live a life of defeat, and in doing so take many victims down with them. These men do not have beautiful lives. On the contrary, they protect within themselves a destructive force that will take them down and it has the stench of death to it.  

The good news with the King of Kings is that they can find the help and answers they need to change—if they will pay the price to receive it.  But they cannot find it without a life-defining, and life-changing re-direction to their life. This new direction requires a holy resolve to receive and live a new life in Christ. It requires a “sold out and no other way” resolution to find this new life without the bondage they are in.

For those of you who are interested in taking the necessary steps to move completely away from the spiritual quicksand you are in, I dedicate the next several devotionals to assist you. But make no mistake in thinking it will be what I can do for you. It will be what our King will do for you. But, it must first begin with what you will do for yourself. It must first start with your resolve to change.  Are you in?