Custody Battles and The Psalms

Day 1 of 4 • This day’s reading


Day 1 - His Rescue Plan

How do I believe a promise that has yet to be fulfilled? This seems to be the question that plagues many of our minds when it comes to going to court regarding matters of the heart, such as our children. This road had become way to familiar for me and for a person who has never had a single run in with the law, being before a judge and magistrate and having to present my case was beyond devastating.

Unintentionally, I had allowed ‘fear of the unknown’ and ‘what if’s’ to consume me and become the lens by which I understood the plans of God. I began to limit God and question his desire to bring about peace and wholeness within my family and in my mind. The days were long, my stress level increased, and the lies from the enemy continued to grow, until one day, when God encouraged me to intensely and intentionally read through the Book of Psalms. 

In it, I found the heart of a servant name David, pouring out his frustrations, pains, and concerns to his father, God. These were his real, raw feelings written as a song, a poem, or a prayer. It amazed me how David lamented and worshiped all in the same chapter. He was not numb to the emotional distress that his suffering caused him, but he also was not willing to trade in his confidence in God for a moment of uncertainty. No matter what he saw or felt, he chose to trust the promises of God above all else and boldly declare truth over the enemies lies. 

So today, what truths are you declaring? Today’s scripture has a truth that I want you to meditate on throughout your day. 

The Lord comes to the rescue EACH time.

This is a promise and promises from God are our ONLY guarantees in life. So meditate on this truth for a moment.

Practical Application

Now that you have meditated on this promise of truth write down your greatest fear concerning the outcome of your custody battle then next to it write, “The Lord comes to the rescue EACH time.”  Write as many concerns as you desire but remember to write next to it the truth. 

Now read aloud all of Psalms 34