Uncommen: Holy Connection

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A Proper Power Source

When you think of a power source, what comes to mind? The sun, nuclear power, electricity, batteries, wind? There are many options to energize all the things in our life. But have you ever been enjoying that power and have it go out? It suddenly disappears? 

I’m sure we’ve all had a power outage at one time or another. It goes like this… you’re watching the game on TV and boom, everything goes dark. You look around the room and see darkness all around you. You grab your phone to turn the flashlight on and walk over to the window to see if it’s you or the whole neighborhood. You may even step outside and look for other people having the same issue. Everyone knows the “no, I don’t have power either” shrug from the across the lawn.

You go back inside and look around for candles, and once you settle into the loss of power, it’s like… "so what do we do now”?

Therein lies the real question. What do we do when the power goes out on any of those sources listed before? The power of God never runs out. Let’s look at the apostles and what they were doing when the power came ON.

Much like you or I, verse 1 tells us, “they were all together in one place.” They were gathered together discussing the events of the day; the events being that Jesus had just ascended to the Father. They were probably thinking, “so what do we do now”?

Verse two says, “and suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wide, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.” Sounds like the power just came on.

The difference of this power source compared to the ones listed above is this power source is controlled by God and does not go out. It's the Holy Spirit!

So if we have a power source that does not go out, I think the real question is how do we tap into that power source? Do we only think about it when things get dark? Do we take it for granted or do we tap into it on a daily basis? The indwelling of the Holy Spirit was given to us to provide us with access to the one source of power that can meet all of our needs. We merely need to ask ourselves, “so what do we do now”?

Uncommen Challenge: What role does the Holy Spirit play in your walk with Jesus Christ? I challenge you to tap into the ultimate power source for your life. If you are in Christ, God promises you His presence through the Holy Spirit. Thank him for His presence in your life and allow the Holy Spirit to influence your thoughts and decisions.

Scripture Reference:
Acts 2: 1-2