Beautifully Broken


 Dealing with Unexpected Brokenness 

We have all had, or will have,  those moments in our life that blind-side us from out of nowhere. Just like the characters in Beautifully Broken, we never planned for them and never thought we would be going through them. These life circumstances can be devastating at times and leave us with a broken spirit and a feeling hopelessness.

The story of Joseph in the Bible is one that definitely shows a journey of a person being broken by circumstances that were out of his control. 

He was betrayed by his brothers.

He was sold into slavery.

He was lied to and falsely accused which landed him in prison.

He was forgotten.

But through it all, Joseph chose to draw close to God.  Through that relationship, he was able to weather the storm and ultimately end up in a beautiful place at the end of the story.

In life there will be times that you will go through tough seasons that may have been brought upon you by the hands of others. It’s in these moments that you must lean into God more than ever—you can’t make it on your own. You must spend time in His Word and draw strength from  scripture to keep moving forward in the process. You must know that God is with you every step of the way and He is the one that is ultimately in charge of your destiny—regardless of what things may look like right now in your life.