5 Tips That Will Ignite Your Bible Reading

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Imagine something you love doing. Maybe it’s cooking. Or your favorite sport. Or knitting. (That last one’s for my sister. She knits a cozy pair of socks.)

Now imagine that you only did it alone. You never talked about it with anyone. You never shared the experience with another person. 

How long would your love for that activity last? 

Now, you might be saying, “I actually enjoy being in my kitchen alone, creating a new dish.” Fair enough. But I’m guessing you enjoy sharing that dish with your family or friends. Right? 

I really enjoy sports. And sometimes I like to sit and watch a game by myself. But certainly not every time! Even when I do watch a game alone, my love of the sport – and enjoyment of that specific game – increases when I get to talk about it with someone the next day. 

The same is true with the Bible. You and I absolutely need times of solitude. Times when we are reading and discussing God’s Word with Him alone. 

But if you want to rekindle your joy for Bible reading, schedule a time with a few friends to talk about it. Ideally, that would be every week, but every other week works as well. 

Don’t overthink it! You don’t have to have a specific Bible study or set of questions you’re walking through. You don’t even have to be reading the same part of the Bible. 

Some of my greatest conversations about the Bible have happened when a few friends met at a coffee shop, we all were reading different parts other Bible, and the only question guiding our conversation was…

“What did you read this week, and what conversations did you have with God about it?” 

It’s not complicated. But wow! The conversations that come from that simple question are amazing!

Bottom Line: You get more interested in – and excited about – whatever you talk about. 

It’s true for watching a ballgame. And it’s true for reading the Bible.  

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