5 Tips That Will Ignite Your Bible Reading

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Why do you read the Bible? Maybe a more revealing question is How do you feel about reading the Bible? All throughout Psalm 119, when David talks about reading the Bible, he uses phrases like these: 

  • “I have treasured your word…” (verse 11)
  • “I rejoice…” (verse 14)
  • “I delight in your commands…” (verse 47)
  • “How sweet your word is…” (verse 103)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could feel the same way David did about the Bible? You can! (I’m assuming that desire is why you picked this plan!) 

After being a Christian for 20 years – and struggling mightily with Bible reading – I learned something that has transformed my Bible reading. 

You don’t have to learn something every time you read the Bible.

I had always been taught to read a passage, figure out the truth it contains, then write down how I was going to apply it. While that certainly isn’t a bad practice, there are days when God wants you to read His Word and not “learn” anything. 

After all, the Bible isn’t just The Good Book. It’s also A good book! (Really good!) 

If you’re struggling with enjoying the Bible, try simply reading for fun. Take a big chunk (which we’ll look at tomorrow) and simply read it the way you would a novel. Notice the setting, the characters, the sounds, the smells. 

Get lost in it. If you learn something – great! If not – that’s okay too. 

Make your goal to enjoy spending time with your Father. After all, earthly parents sometimes teach their kids. And other times, they simply play with them. 

Your Heavenly Father might have something to teach you today. Or...He might just want to enjoy playing with you today!