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Declutter Now! 30 Day DevotionalSample

Declutter Now! 30 Day Devotional

DAY 1 OF 30


When most of us think of removing junk, we often isolate the thought to just physical tasks such as cleaning out a closet or a drawer. We propose that in addition to the physical decluttering, God desires us to declutter every area of our lives so we can fully enjoy the freedom and joy he has blessed us with. God loved us so much that he made the ultimate sacrifice, sending his only son to die on the cross for our sins. He abundantly showers us with his love. He blesses his children with gifts, talents, wisdom, and eternity. To say that God yearns for us to enjoy the fruits of his labor would be an understatement. To underutilize all that he has provided is a total waste.

Join us as we journey though decluttering eight different areas of your life. Yes, we’ll tackle physical ‘stuff’, but we’ll also hit relationships, finances, careers, kids, physical and mental health, and spirituality head on. Uncover the hidden time, money, peace, energy, space, freedom, and joy you never knew you had. Discover the amazing possibilities when living a decluttered life for yourself, your family, and most importantly, for Christ.

Day 1 - Less is More

Today’s world offers us choices. Loads of choices for anything we need or want. Just go in to your local home improvement store and attempt to choose knobs for your kitchen drawers. The array of options is mind blowing. How about restaurants? Stores? Entertainment? Hobbies? The list is endless.

In order to increase sales and cater to each and every whim, the world has gone ‘option crazy’, and in the process, has bred a rampant ‘more is better’ mindset.

But we beg to differ.

If we followed Jesus’ life as an example, we would live simple, decluttered lives. Jesus didn’t travel the countryside with a moving van accompanying him. He didn’t accumulate ‘stuff’. He had only what he needed.

Jesus was more interested in relationships, impacting people, and serving his Father. He concentrated on his calling in life and his importance in the heavenly realm for all eternity, so he wasn’t cluttered with excess and unnecessary things. He trusted God and had the full expectation that all his needs would be met. And why shouldn’t he? He is the son of God after all. But remember, we are God’s children too and can rest in the same exact assurance.

Imagine the possibilities if we walked in Jesus’ shoes. If we lived a life intent on emulating his example. Less stuff can provide more opportunity for what matters most.

What will you declutter? Wasted time, money, energy, and space, as well as misguided notions as to what is truly important.

Day 2

About this Plan

Declutter Now! 30 Day Devotional

Adapted from Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life by Lindon & Sherry Gareis, this devotional will take you through (8) different life areas to uncover the hidden time, money, peace, energy, s...


We would like to thank Lindon & Sherry Gareis for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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