Hollywood Prayer Network On Deception

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"I pray to God that I shall not live one hour after I have thought of using deception."   Elizabeth I    

"We like to be deceived."  Blaise Pascal

PRAY:  Dear Lord, You know my heart and yet I have so much trouble accepting the responsibility for my actions. From the beginning of time man has blamed others for our personal choices and I ask You to please help me to be strong enough to acknowledge the wrongs that I do and to admit my mistakes. Then I can ask You for healing and change. I want to be more Christ-like and I need You to give me the strength to change my ways. Thank You for being there for me in times of fear and weakness. I pray in Jesus' Name.

REFLECT:  Like Adam and Eve, it's easy to see the weaknesses and sin in others, but it's so hard to see it in ourselves. What would it take for us to be able to ask the Lord to reveal our sins and our deceptions, embrace them, and then choose to do something to change them? That's probably the most difficult human task, but are you up for it? Reflect on how that would change your life. It can't be with shame, guilt, or blame, but with the desire to trust completely in the Lord, with humility and confidence in Him.

ACT:   Take a moment and seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him to choose one trait or area of your life where you can honestly admit that you are either deceiving yourself or others. Once you define it, then bring that trait or issue to God and ask Him to reveal to you if you've been blaming someone else for that sin, instead of taking personal responsibility. Ask Him to heal you, or to show you how to handle it until you can release it to Him. This is an extremely difficult exercise and will probably take more time to fully deal with it. But keep asking the Lord to help you, with honesty and humility, and you will see breakthrough.