Return To Me

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Scripture: Isaiah 44:22


How does a cloud get blotted out? How does mist get swept away? I’m not sure, but I know it is good. The sun does away with a morning mist in a matter of minutes. Even more quickly, the Lord wipes away our sins—he cleans our slates! 

What is the appropriate response to his wonderful forgiveness? Like the prodigal son in the New Testament, we get to leave the “pigpen.” We can humbly and gratefully go back to our heavenly Father. He has a ring, a robe, sandals, and a celebration ready for us! Please don’t miss this. God is calling you to return to him, no matter what you have done or how you’ve reacted to what you have gone through.

Why wouldn’t we return! God has graciously redeemed us. He has bought us at a high price: his Son Jesus Christ. He is your loving master, and you can choose to be his bondservant. The Lord is your boss. No matter how you slice it, God is in charge. The great thing is that we benefit! God continues to forgive our sin; his Spirit lives in us; he gives us his wisdom and strength; he protects and provides for us. When we return to the Lord, we receive “one blessing after another” (John 1:16).


As you read Ephesians 5:1, recognize this: we are to imitate God as his beloved children. How do children imitate? They watch and do the same things they see their parents doing. As we see and experience our transgressions being blotted out by the Lord, our rightful response is doing likewise with others’ sins against us. When God blows away our sin like the mist, we can imitate him and forgive others. It is so freeing to let go of offenses and let God handle them. 


Lord, I can only forgive because of Jesus. Please help me to lay at the cross all the hurts and offenses I have felt. Help me to forgive like you have forgiven me…. Continue praying.