Letting Love In: How God Crushes Your Inner Critic

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 The Lie of Worry

God kindly took my hand and led me moment by moment to the truth that fear which causes worry is not from Him

I started to see worry as a bigger deal than society likes to tell us it is, mainly because it comes to kill, steal and destroy. 

The thing about worry is, it feels normal.

I wonder if I am pretty enough? 

That’s worry.

I wonder what will happen?

That’s worry.

What if he doesn’t choose me? 

That’s worry.

What if I get hurt? 

That’s worry.

What will other people think? 

That’s worry.

Worry is a thief. It will steal from you anything it can—your peace, your joy, your security, even your health. Just as we wouldn’t allow a thief into our home to take whatever he wanted, we must not allow the thief of worry into our mind to steal from us, either.