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The Power Of The Wife's Prayer MantleSample

The Power Of The Wife's Prayer Mantle

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With God’s clear purpose of “helping her husband to fulfill his God-given destiny with excellence” in mind, just think how heaven appreciates the wife who continually seeks to achieve that purpose! God’s formula couldn’t be any clearer, could it? God gave you to your husband as a gift to assist him in achieving the goals He has for him. 

Wives are God’s human partner to help mature and maximize their husband. 

Now you know why God’s ears are particularly open to the wife who prays for her husband! When a wife who “seeks to do her husband good” comes to the throne of the Almighty and asks for something to better help her husband, what do you think God’s likely answer will be? She’s fulfilling her calling in the very process while praying for God’s help. She wants help to help. And God will grant that request. 

When you reflect on the various ways the wife can support her husband from Proverbs 31, three primary methods surface: 

  1. Her consistent actions of doing “good” all the days of his life. 
  2. Her supportive attitudes and encouragement so that “her husband safely trusts her.”
  3. Her prayerful appeals to God on his behalf “so he will have no lack of gain.” 

Of everything that the Wife’s Mantle carries, the power of your prayers goes beyond normal actions and attitudes. Why? Because your prayers appeal to God to supernaturally intervene in your husband’s life. Your prayers are far more powerful than any action you may take or attitude you may demonstrate. 

The wives who understand that God is more than willing to intervene in their husband’s life due to their prayers inevitably see amazing results. Why? Because when your motives align with the role of helper that God established, then God is not only pleased, but He begins to put things into action in your husband’s life that achieve both your and His will. And over time, your husband will likely become more and more the man of your dreams.


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The Power Of The Wife's Prayer Mantle

The Wife's Prayer Mantle uniquely positions a wife for great impact and influence in her marriage and home. Learn how to use yours in this insightful reading plan by NYT best-selling author Bruce Wilkinson and Heather Ha...


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