The Book Of Mysteries: Your Journey To Saving Faith

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DAY 1: Yeshua  

“A most important word,” said the teacher, “the word yasha. In Hebrew, it means to rescue, to help, to defend, to preserve, to save…the answer to everything. Yasha is what we spend our lives seeking for. From the word yasha comes the Hebrew word yeshua. Yeshua means salvation. So in the Hebrew Scriptures, it is written, ‘He has become my salvation.’”

“Who has become salvation?”

“God,” he said. “God has become salvation. God would become our salvation. From the Hebrew word yeshua comes the name Yeshua. And when the name Yeshua was translated into Greek, it became Iesous. And when Iesous was translated into English, it became Jesus. Jesus is Yeshua.”

“So then God will become Yeshua. God will become Jesus.”

“That’s exactly what the name Yeshua reveals. It means, God is my salvation. The ancient hope was that one day God would become our Yeshua. And He has. God became Yeshua to become the answer to every need. So take every need in your life and join it to that name, to Yeshua, one word…the answer to everything.”

The Mission: God has become your Yeshua, the specific answer to your deepest needs. Let that get inside your heart and live accordingly.