Faith That Matters

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- James Bryan Smith

God has made us interdependent. From the moment of our creation God felt it was important for us to live in community. He looked at Adam and said, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” At the core of our being is a need to love and be loved by others. The great wonder of our existence is the fact that God has made us incomplete. Only by living in community can we find the fulfillment for which we hunger.

Our need to love and be loved is an inescapable fact of our existence. God has designed us this way because God values human community. He could have dispensed all our necessities directly to us, so that we would have had no need of each other. Instead, he gives us all the resources we need to care for one another and encourages us to share those resources.


From friends to family, coworkers to classmates, our Creator has given us the generous gift of community. Whom has God given to you to care for you? Whom has God given you to care for?

Lord, I recognize that it is not good for me to be alone, for you have made me for community. Ignite in me a love for my community as I in return receive their love. Amen.