The Book Of Mysteries: Defining Love

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DAY 1: The Serpent's Blood

It was a snake, brown and black, and slithering in the desert sand.

“Because you’re warm-blooded, you can run and keep running,” the teacher said. “But a snake, being cold-blooded, is limited in its ability to endure, to keep going. Therefore, you can outlast it.”

“That’s good to know,” I replied.

“In the Scriptures, the serpent is a symbol of evil. They often move by twisting. And evil, itself, is the twisting of the good.”

“So if snakes are cold-blooded, then, so is evil?”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “Evil is cold-blooded. Though evil may have its day, its victories, its time to move and strike—it remains coldblooded. Therefore, it can never endure. No matter how powerful the evil may appear, no matter how triumphant and unstoppable it may seem, it cannot last.”

“But the good is not cold-blooded,” I said.

“Yes,” he said. “So, in the end, the good will always outlast the evil. Therefore, persevere in the good, keep going in what is true, keep standing for what is right, and you will overcome and prevail in the end.”

The Mission: In the face of whatever evil, trouble, attack, or sin you’re dealing with, don’t give in. Don’t give up. But press on in the good.


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