Leadership Pain: Hope In The Midst Of Trials


Joseph, the Dream Doubter

How likely is it that Joseph doubted the dreams he had that illustrated he would rule over his father and brothers, especially after his brothers initially tried to starve him by dropping him in a well? Later, they sold him into slavery for less than $100 in today’s money!

Do you think He questioned God and whether the dreams he had were ever going to come true? I think he did many times.

It is likely that his immaturity, spurred by his father’s preference for him over his brothers somewhat contributed to being hated by his brothers. While Joseph’s brothers had valid reason to be upset that he was given superior, undeserved treatment, they chose to sin by wanting to get rid of him by any means necessary.

Imagine how alone and disregarded Joseph felt. Not only was he rejected by his own flesh and blood, his character was besmirched when his master’s wife lied about Joseph forcing himself on her. In the midst of unfair treatment and betrayal, he had favor both with Potiphar and the jailer, but it probably didn’t seem like success when he wasn’t a free man. Being jailed unfairly was one thing, but then he was forgotten in prison even after he correctly interpreted the dreams of the baker and cup-bearer. It wasn’t until later that the cup-bearer remembered Joseph in prison and brought him before Pharaoh to interpret a distressing dream. 

However, all along Joseph served his superiors faithfully, regardless of how he was treated; he never let his situation deter him from his faith in God. Then when Joseph’s family bowed before him during the time of famine, all of the pieces started to fit together with the dreams he had as a child.

What dreams has God given you that you now doubt? 

Perhaps it’s simply that our timing doesn’t match God’s, or it might be that our dreams are just personal wants, wishes, or hopes, not fully in alignment with His purpose.