Leadership Pain: Hope In The Midst Of Trials


David, the Hunted Part 2

Later after David succeeded Saul as king, he faced times where he was ridiculed and hunted by his countrymen and even some of his family. Surely, he thought, “Oh here we go again” and even may have questioned why this was happening even though he had been faithful to the one, true God. In several instances however, the trials of David were due to his sin of sleeping with Bathsheba and killing her husband. 

David and his men were cursed and stoned at one point all while running from his son Absalom who was trying to take over the throne from his father by force. Absalom even slept with David’s concubines which was an insult to his father and the throne. Do we “turn the other cheek” or lash out when others attack us? 

Despite the threat on his life, David asked his army not to harm Absalom when they went to battle with them. His words were disregarded, and Absalom was killed. David had enough perspective and forgiveness that he mourned the loss of his traitor son.

While sin isn’t always the source of our trials (think of Job and Joseph), are there areas of our life that need to be examined more closely, yielding to the conviction (not condemnation) of the Holy Spirit?