Israel, The Story Of Us



Do you remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time? The one who is the object of your affection mesmerizes you. Your heart beats fast whenever you are near them. You want to learn everything about them… their likes and dislikes. You want to be a part of their world and you actively seek to capture their affection in return. No one has to tell you to think about them, to call them, to pray for them…. Because they are always on your mind and on your heart….you have fallen in love and are held captive with delight.

Now, imagine falling in love with a nation. God chose Israel as His beloved nation and people. They are the apple of His eye. If we as believers are supposed to love what God loves, wouldn’t it seem natural that we would love Israel, care for her, think about her and most certainly…. Pray for her?

If we have any desire to be immersed in the heart of God, then a love for Israel must be a part of our hearts as well.

Journey into the Heart of the Father and discover what is on God’s heart concerning Israel and how to pray for her every day! Let fire of the Holy Spirit strike a match in your heart for the nation of Israel and her people. 

Let’s fall in love …

Let's pray together!
The JH Israel team

Pray: Ask God to place the nation of Israel on your heart….maybe you already have a great love for Israel or you have always wanted to know more ….either way…Israel is part of your story. Step inside the journey and find your place in God’s love story. Let’s pray together for Israel.


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