Know His Voice: Become Familiar With God

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Because You Know the Way Home

My daughter, you never have to search far for Me. You are released from searching, from believing you don’t have what it takes to be with Me, hear Me, live with Me. You are chosen. I chose you before the world was formed. You are the rescued one, and I delight in being with you. I equip you to hear Me, to be near Me, to walk beside Me.

As My daughter, you are My heir, heir to a kingdom where you know, without question, you are home. I am your home. I am the place where you lay your head and where everything makes sense. You don’t need to attempt to make sense of this world swirling around you—but I want you to feel it. I want you to feel for it. I want you to notice how it hurts and where there is need and how you are made, just as you are, chosen to live in this world, knowing it needs to know the way home. 

You know the way home. You know the sound of beauty ringing, of hope coming in battle for your heart. You know pain and surrender and wanting more than what you can see.

Look close now. See Me. See Me seeing you. See Me looking at this world. Recognize its pain and its ache to know there is more—the more you know. Go deeper with Me now. Let Me show you more of what I see, how I feel, how you are the one who can go forward, brave one, into the path I’ve set aside, just for you. 

There is a path for you, you know, a place where your feet know where to step and your hands know how to love. You have ideas and a heart designed for loving this person, right here, and this one, right here. The people in your life right now? Look closely now. Listen carefully now. You know how to love them. You know what to do next. Heed the whispers of your heart, the whispers that come from the place you know, the only place you can trust, the place where you began and begin again, the voice of Home.

You are designed for this—this moment, this moment of rescue and hope. I have come for you. Stay home. It is the only way to go out and bring others Home.

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