The Book Of Mysteries: The Place Of God's Voice

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DAY 2: The Power of the Yud  

“This can change your life,” the teacher said. He picked up a stick and, with the slightest of movements, created the smallest of marks in the sand. “A yud.”

“What’s a yud?”

“A yud is a letter, the smallest of Hebrew letters.”

“Why is it significant?”

“That’s the point…as the smallest of letters, it is most significant. It is the yud that begins the greatest and most sacred of Hebrew words: The sacred Name of God, YHVH, begins with a yud. The name Jesus, in Hebrew, begins, as well, with a yud.”

“And what does it all mean?”

“The works of God begin with the smallest of strokes. Life itself begins on a scale so small, it can’t even be seen. You don’t start out with a great victory, but you take the yud, one small action, one little step toward that great victory. You take that one step, that yud of courage, that iota of change, that smallest stroke of new beginnings. You begin the greatest of things with the smallest of strokes.”

The Mission: Today, take the smallest of actions, but in a new direction, the first step toward the life of victory you’re called to live—the yud of a new journey.