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DAY 1: Appointing Your Days  

“We’ve spoken of the year before you,” said the teacher. “Today we will speak of the days before you. What will the days yet to come bring to your life?”

“How could I know that?” I replied. “I don’t really have a say in the matter.”

“But what if you did? In the Hebrew it says, ‘Teach us to manah our days.’ Manah appears in the Book of Jonah where it is written that God manahs a fish, a worm, and a wind.”

“Then manah must mean more than number.”

“It does. It means to prepare and to appoint. You must not only number your days, you must learn to prepare your days, to appoint your days.”

“How can I prepare my days before they happen?”

“Prayer. Prayer isn’t only for what is, but for what is not yet.”

“But I can’t determine what will happen.”

“It doesn’t matter what happens. You appoint your days in God to bring what is good. And then you use your days to accomplish those purposes. Don’t let your days determine your life. Let your life determine your days. Appoint your days…for the purposes of the Most High.”

The Mission: Prepare the days ahead. Set them apart. Commit them into God’s hands and appoint them for the fulfilling of His purposes.

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