Happy Marriage, Happy Home

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Is your home a happy place? Often, home is viewed as the place to sleep, but not a true desirable destination. There is no laughter, no joy, no feeling. Usually when we see this scenario, the emotions have gone because the husband has not loved his wife as Christ loves the Church. Men, we are to love our wives as we love our own bodies. We don’t pick out a deformity in our own body and call attention to it all the time. Quite the opposite. Psychologists say we compensate for any shortcomings we feel we have. Compensate is just a fancy way of saying we build up other areas. You’ve seen the little guy who becomes a muscle-bound bodybuilder.

It’s the same with your wife. Too many times I have heard a man say, “Well, let me tell you what my crazy wife did.” He would then proceed to tell a story that was demeaning and embarrassing to her. Are you building her up or tearing her down?

As you strengthen your love for your wife, you will be strengthening your marriage and your home. My bet is joy, laughter, and emotion will return to your home, and it will be a much sought-after destination for your entire family!

Pray for God to increase your ability to set a harmonious and loving tone in your home, and for Him to help you build up each other, rather than tear down.