Courage To Lead

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“Supernatural Courage” 

There is another type of courage that we also see demonstrated throughout the Bible. I am talking about unreasonable, supernatural courage that transcends the mind, will, and emotions. Acts 4 and 5 give us a perfect example of supernatural courage: even when the disciples’ lives were threatened for preaching the gospel, they prayed for greater boldness to do what could get them killed! 

We cannot psych ourselves up into supernatural courage. It is divine boldness that only the Lord Himself can impart to us. When we receive this gift of courage, as the apostles did in these passages, we feel as though there is an invisible force field protecting us. 

If we are going to transform cities, disciple nations and see heaven literally come to earth, it is going to take true valor--supernatural courage that defies the intelligent, confronts the political spirit, and forces the dogs of doom to back down. It is time for us to ask heaven for an infusion of boldness that possesses our souls and inspires our spirits.