Courage To Lead

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"From Ordinary to Extraordinary" 

“When the leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment.” -John Maxwell 

Courage inspires people. It is the bridge between what is and what should be. 

One of the main reasons people lack confidence to lead is because they feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. It is so easy to inventory our weaknesses and disqualify ourselves from the historic exploits God has assigned to each of us. We forget that Jesus borrowed a couple of fish and some bread from a boy’s lunch box and fed a multitude. The crowd didn’t eat rice and beans, because the boy had brought fish and loaves. Jesus multiplied what the boy had, not what he did not have. God does not care about what you don’t have--He only cares about what you do have. 

God is famous for accomplishing extraordinary things with ordinary people, and He can use you to impact eternity!