Soul Rest: 7 Days To Renewal



We have established our anchor in the truth that God is our true source of rest. Even as we do this, though, we find ourselves wondering how this applies to our lives here on earth. With increasingly busy schedules, family responsibilities, and work obligations always present, we want to know how this practically affects our daily lives. Most of the time, we live under the assumption of what Jesus expects from the way that we live our lives on earth. We need to take some time to look at what Jesus actually says He desires for us. 

Today, in your time of stillness, focus on the truth of what the Bible says about God’s desire for humanity on earth. Rather than living under the assumption of how God must feel and think about things that happen in and around our lives, take some time to read the Scripture to see the words of Jesus, and others, as they pertain to the way we should live. Write down the insights that God provides as you read His truth. 

Caution: We may think that this is a day that we can skip or take lightly because we already know all of this information. Really lean in and drink deeply of the truth that you are reading. Don’t take anything for granted. Ask God to speak afresh to you. 

You don’t go to God because He’s useful, you go because He’s beautiful. And nothing is more useful than finding God beautiful.